Personal Training

Our purpose is simple. To help you achieve maximum results in minimum time.

Our Mission is to not only help clients achieve their goals, but surpass all their expectations.

First, we start by taking you through our comprehensive hormone test to identify any hormone and metabolic factors stopping you from losing weight or adding lean muscle in the shortest time possible.

Second, we then take you through our structural balance test as well as nutrition and behavioral assessments, so we can use key methods that will actually get you results.

Third, we closely monitor your food logs.  We’ll even call when you are at a restaurant to help you understand what’s healthy on the menu.

Finally and most importantly, we put you and your goals first… period!  If you haven’t achieved your expected results and met your goals in the agreed time frame, then we haven’t done our job.  

Our Facilities

We offer our services at three different locations in the Oklahoma City metro area. All of our gyms are fully equipped to maximize the results of your investment. We understand, though that not everybody is ready to commit to a gym, so we also offer in-home training for those who want to train in a more comfortable and private atmosphere.


Our Trainers


GT Fitness offers the highest level of personal trainers, period. All of our trainers are degreed and nationally certified. Not only do our trainers pride themselves on their knowledge and coaching ability, but they practice what they preach. Our trainers are fully committed to helping you achieve results and reach your goals.


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During your no obligation consultation we’ll create a plan specific to your needs and goals, giving you the tools to take back your fitness