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Progress Not Perfection

Too many times people want to make a massive body transformation and start to ask themselves what I should eat, how many days should I work out, what exercises should I do, how much cardio, and the list goes on and on. If that isn’t bad enough many people get google happy and search for everything and anything they can find on the topic. Then there are social media with all Instagram experts and by the end of your search you don’t know who to trust and you feel confused and deflated.

While I have a simple solution to your problem, instead of trying to learn it all to find the perfect plan to get the body of your dreams in 6 weeks, just do one simple thing that moves you closer towards progress. I give you a list of simple things that when done over time will help you accomplish your goal.

• Go for a 10-minute walk
• Drink 4 glasses of water
• Do 50 pushups
• Do a 30-second plank
• Eat a salad
• Eat one vegetable today
• Cook
• No soda
• Don’t snack
• Eat a piece of fruit
• Stretch
• Do yoga
• Go to the gym
• Throw away your junk food
• Eat some lean protein

That’s it a short simple list that will get you moving in the right direction. Don’t worry about the small details for now like is the food organic or what should I put in my salad or is the vegetable a superfood or not. Just pick something and start making progress. Don’t overthink it just do something the very act of doing something is better than sitting on the couch doing nothing. Lastly, remember the goal is progress, not perfection so keep that in mind as you work toward your goals.